Shark Bytes - Shark Facts and Information

The current updated Shark bytes are little known and interesting Shark Facts and Shark Information about their life. It will familiarize us with the world that sharks inhabit. Enjoy browsing through this data that can be shown to be true, to exist, or to have happened

Within a hollow bridge support structure located in San Francisco Bay, leopard sharks and piked dogfish have been observed engaging in a unique feeding strategy. The two sharks species will swim at the surface, with mouths open, in a counter-clockwise direction. At the same time densely packed schools of anchovies are gathered at the surface and will swim in a clockwise direction. While the sharks do not exhibit any specific hunting behavior or directed movements toward the oncoming anchovies, the sharks' posture and movement does result in ingestion of incidental prey (i.e. anchovies) which inadvertently swim into the open maw of the prowling sharks.

The World of Sharks

Exploring the world of Sharks leads us into the history and evolution of earth's oceans and seas. This study is ongoing, full of surprises and new discoveries. Just this year 2007 twenty new species of sharks and stingrays have been discovered in Indonesia. With these discoveries we also discover new facts and information on the oceans and waterways leading us into a world as strange and new as the universe around us.

We study Sharks the same way wildlife biologist's study animal's on land. We look at how they interact with the oceans, seas and waters where they live, however this study of sharks requires more complex technology. A remotely operated vehicle has been used at depths of 1,000-2,000 to view and study their behavior pattern, habitat selection and foraging behavior. Multi beam sonar maps are used to give large-scale geographical landscape. A census will include data on species, their abundance and behavior patterns, habitat selection and foraging behavior.

Earliest Sharks

Recent studies have discovered a new fossil shark relative that contradicts the belief that chondrichthyans or sharks and their relatives are primitive due to their jaw characteristics, and points to an advanced specialization in shark evolution. Also, it provides a missing link in understanding how the jawed vertebrates evolved from the jawless state, a crucial step toward human evolution.

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