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Hi! Welcome to Mrs. Gutierrez-Whitmire's class of 2000-2001's website. Throughout this website you will explore five exciting subjects: Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and The Mentor Program. In math we use decimals, fractions, powers and all sorts of things. In social studies we made mummies and 3-D Niles. We learned about Egypt and Mesopotamia. We did a lot in science too. We made biomes, designed houses, and lots of experiments. In Language Arts, we write sequels to stories, we read tons of books, and more. We also have a great program called the internet mentor program. It's where we go to A. G. Communication Systems and there we eat lunch and have fun with our mentors. Well enjoy looking through Mrs. Gutierrez-Whitmire's 2000-2001 Class Website. Have fun!

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