ne bright and shinny day in the boring neighborhood of Littlesburg a family just moved in. Their names were Nancy (the mother), Tyler who was a ten year old and Niki a six year old. lots of people came over to meet the new neighbors. Some people thought they were creepy, some people thought they were kind and, some people just didn't know.

hat the innocent family didn't know is the history of the new enchanted neighborhood that they called home, and the not so boring secrets that lurked behind their kindly neighbors closed doors. The most important mystery the family didn't know is what lurked deep within the dark gnarled woods that surround their sunny little town.

ne day Tyler was being curious like always and found a trap door in his closet. He looked in, there was an old stair case leading to another door. He opened the door an there was lots of old things in it, it looked like an old bedroom, he told his mom but she didn't believe him because the door wasn't there any more. He didn't want to be in trouble by being so curious so he took his sister Niki on a walk in the forest. When he entered the deep, dark forest he saw all kinds of things in there. Again he was being curious and lost Niki! Oh my gosh its its a bear! He ran and ran as fast as he could suddenly the bear was gone. "Niki" yelled Tyler. Well he found Niki but he had another problem which way was out?

uddenly with a puff of smoke, and a bright flash, a wizen old man appeared. "Niki and Tyler" he exclaimed, accenting his words with a wave of his old wooden cane into the air. The two startled children examined the kind looking man. Noticing his long white shaggy beard, his pointed hat and his long white cape. The man looked exactly as a wizard should. The old man now leaning on his cane explained "I have been sent to ask you two if you will help the good king to regain his throne. As you have already found this town and these woods are magic, but the magic only happens when you believe". His audience waited eagerly as the wizard continued, "The king has been turned into a bear and  has been cursed to wander the woods. In order to turn him back, we need the two of you to get the kings magic crown back. It is in a room beyond the secret trap door that you found Tyler. But only believers of magic and the pure of heart, may take anything from the room, and that is why we need the two of you".

ith another flash and puff of smoke, Niki, Tyler, and the wizard found themselves in Tyler's bedroom, looking upon the secret door. The wizard told them "believe", and he was gone. The two children entered the magic doorway and started exploring the magic room, every time they entered a room they found more magical and wonderful things, and more doors appeared. The first door they walked in had the most ugliest monster they have ever seen, they were so scared they slammed the door. The kids new that they had to face the creature, and they knew that they had powerful magic, so the brave children opened the door again to make the monster disappear. When the monster disappeared they came to a large chair with a person siting in it, they thought "He must have turned the king into a bear". Together the two kids demanded that the person in the chair give them the magic crown back and change the king back. The person laughed and said "I'm the king now and you can't do any thing about it". The brave children knowing that together they had more power then the man in the chair, so together they used their power to turn the man in the chair into a talking mouse, and then they demanded again that he tell them where the crown was. Since he was a talking mouse, he thought "I might as well tell them", he told them "It is in a bag on the chair", the kids picked it up and called the wizard. With the usual flash and smoke the wizard appeared with the bear that was the king. The kids put the crown on the bear. The bear then turned back into a king, and the king decided to give them a gold medal. The king thanked the kids and told them "you are always welcome in our magical world". The wizard brought them back home, the kids told their mom but she didn't believe them and said it was just a dream, but they knew it was real.

he kids visited the magic kingdom every once and a while and always had a great time. The king and wizard always appreciated what the two wonderful children had done for them.