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Leslie is in 6th grade and Mrs. Whitmire is her teacher. She has three brothers. She has two dogs and one cat.


Panda Bear

Polar Bear


Leslie and her mentor wrote a story, by alternating writing paragraphs. For the last two paragraphs, they alternated writing sentences.

Partner Story


Varnack is the freezing cold winter
In the snowy weather
Varnack blows across the world
Ferous storms make you goomy
Dark red and sour tasting 

Lolly is the time in April
Lolly is the spring when evreyone plays
Lolly is the sound of laughing kids playing in the water
Loly is happy and peacfull
Lolly is the flowering and beatiful

          Allagators ate antsy ants 
          Baby bears bite buzzing bees 
          Cardinals call cool cats
          Dizzy ducks do dizzy dives
          Everyone elects electric eels
          Fishy fish fried flexible frogs
          Goofy gorillas get goofy geese
          Happy horses hop over hats
          Iguanas instantly eat insects
          Juggling jaguares jump over Jack
          Kangaroos kick koala kids
          Leaning lizards like leapards
Moveing monkeys mock mice
Noisy nats nock on nests
Orange octopuses go over oceans
Purple platapuses play with pots
Queere quails quack quietly
Rumage rats read rythems
Stinky skunks spray smelly oders
Tertles teach tiny tigers
Umbrella birds use unpaid umbrellas
Vampire bats are vicious vice presedents
Wild wolves watch whales
young yacks yell
Zebra zip up zippers


Crack! Smack! Crunch!
Looks like my brother slamming the door
The loud crunching sound of crackers
Tastes like a chip cracking in your mouth
The sound of a fire cracker shooting
Then all of a sudden Gulp!
The crackers gone.

Smells like ginger bread Cookies
baking in the oven
Dark brown and light red on a
stormy night
Ots like a spicy smell in the spring time
Its as peacefull as the summer rain


The wind whistled in the sky
It looks like leaves blowing
It tasted like dust
It was brown and gray
Soon the whistling wind stopped
   and all was quiet

Smells like flowers in the spring time
Looks pink and purple
Its like a full moon at night
sounds like a squirt bottle
Tasts like a sweet piece of candy
   melting in your mouth.